Hi, I am Aline

Artist, eco -consultant and owner of Out Of The Box Eco-store

I have always been willing to provide opportunity for people to learn, engage and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

I believe that individual commitments lead to collective impact.

Our Story

My sustainable journey started over 10 years ago, when we moved from Paris, France to Seattle area. I realized how much stuff we owned and how many cardboard moving boxes we had to throw away...

This is when I felt guilty for the first time, guilty and overwhelmed about the waste my small family was creating. I wanted to do something about it, and I started to learn how to recycle properly. Recycling was my first step into a low-waste lifestyle.

Then I decided to reuse and transform these moving boxes into something functional. I designed my first piece of furniture then continued with home décor, event décor and got my first clients, offered recycled art workshops…www.alinescardboard.com


I have always been willing to provide opportunity for people to learn, engage and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.


Very attentive to environmental issues, we decided, at home, to be a part of the solution and educate our kids in alignment with sustainable values. As soon as we started making small shifts in our daily life, we realized that to get a durable and green living impact, we had to change our way of thinking and consuming.

Because we are even stronger together, I shared eco-tips and workshops with my community.

As my family was going through the pandemic, adapting to the situation, and finding new ways to live and consume, I recalled the time I was spending my vacation breaks at my grandmas in France. She was living in a small town, isolated from everything, and I remembered the weekly visits of the baker, butcher, and mini-grocery's truck. Right here, at the front door, they were parking their small truck, opening the large windows, and selling their goods. It was the opportunity for customers to buy from local producers, to have a conversation and create a connection.

I thought this business model was old-fashioned but also innovative, meaningful and community oriented. Opening a low-waste mobile store seemed to be perfectly adapted to a safe, healthy, and simple way to consume while aligned with environmental values and customers' expectations.

From the desire to help reduce single-use plastic pollution and make low-waste living simple, convenient, and accessible to all, I opened a Refillery on wheels! The custom fitted mobile refill van (nicknamed Phil) travels around the Seattle area and serves customers through home visits, delivery services, and pop-up events.


Our Values

Good for You & For The Planet

We want to live in a way that betters our planet and believe in maintaining the balance between human activity and natural processes. That is why we are committed to selling high quality and natural products, which are kind to the environment and minimize the negative impact to the planet.

Make a Difference
One Refill at A Time

By making eco-living convenient and accessible to all, we believe that we can help shift the market and enhance consumers' awareness regarding the impact of their purchase decisions.

Build a Community

We believe that individual commitments lead to collective impact. We are committed to making a difference, one person at a time, one tree at a time, one action at a time, supporting local and global communities and organizations initiatives.