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How to make your own paper?

It might sound crazy, but I have never had the opportunity to learn how to make my own paper. I surely knew the process, of the "papier Mache" technique, but I have never made a single sheet of paper myself! The experience was exciting.

I first watched videos and tutorials online. I saw people using newspaper, white paper, colored paper, even fabric, like denim! I also learned how to make my own mold. I borrowed a book at the library, "The Organic Artist" by Nick Neddo and read a lot about sustainable art, how to make your own paint, ink, and of course paper... It's fascinating!


  • Old kitchen blender - (not the one to cook with!) I found one at Goodwill

  • Newspaper or used paper from your recycle garbage can - no plastic -

  • Water

  • Basin or vat

  • Mold and deckle - Make your own or buy a paper making kit

  • A large sponge

  • Cloth, towels, or absorbent rug

  • A service tray


Gather the material and set up your station outside if weather permits!

Step #1

Shred/rip up the newspaper or discarded paper. Put a couple of handfuls in the blender

Cover with water

Blend it to create your pulp.

The color of the scraps will determine the final color of your paper

Experiment and have fun.

You can also add leaves or flowers and blend them with your scraps. It will add texture.

Step #2

Pour the pulp in your basin, filled with water. Mix it up with your hands - adjust the amount of pulp - the more you have the thicker your paper will be.

Step #3

Dive your mold and decker in the basin - Lift it out horizontally from the basin

Give it a quick shake

Let the water run-off and drain.

I added some dry flowers, grass, and leaves - Feel free also to add a drop of acrylic paint to give it some colors!

Step #4

Take off the decker /the frame from the mold

Flip the paper on a service tray or an absorbent rug/cloth

Place the screen on top

Step #5

Absorb as much water as you can by pressing the sponge

Step #6

Take off the screen delicately - at this point I like to press the paper again and again to absorb more and more water. You can also transfer the paper from a towel to another dry one.

Let dry your paper at least 24 hours.

You can create bookmarks, cards, or journals!



Hi there!

I am Aline, a creative French-native mom of 3. Also, Artist, environmental advocate, eco-consultant and owner of Out Of The Box Eco-Store.

Many of us want to reduce our plastic waste and live more sustainably, but don’t know where to start. My low waste living and Refillery store supports eco-living and reduces plastic waste by offering refillable and reusable home essentials and personal care products.

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