How to make your own paper?

It might sound crazy, but I have never had the opportunity to learn how to make my own paper. I surely knew the process, of the "papier Mache" technique, but I have never made a single sheet of paper myself! The experience was exciting.

I first watched videos and tutorials online. I saw people using newspaper, white paper, colored paper, even fabric, like denim! I also learned how to make my own mold. I borrowed a book at the library, "The Organic Artist" by Nick Neddo and read a lot about sustainable art, how to make your own paint, ink, and of course paper... It's fascinating!


  • Old kitchen blender - (not the one to cook with!) I found one at Goodwill

  • Newspaper or used paper from your recycle garbage can - no plastic -

  • Water

  • Basin or vat

  • Mold and deckle - Make your own or buy a paper making kit

  • A large sponge

  • Cloth, towels, or absorbent rug

  • A service tray


Gather the material and set up your station outside if weather permits!