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Home Care Refill Subscription is the perfect way to reduce plastic waste while keeping your home clean and fresh.


The Refill Subscription comes with a free branded bag, a handmade crate and free returnable labeled jars.

Our first refill Subscription includes:

  • 16oz dish soap,
  • 16oz hand soap,
  • 16oz concentrate laundry soap,
  • 1 mystery item!


But it's fully customizable after the first delivery!


With our stress-free, convenient refillable subscription, you can choose your favorite options (unscented or scented, liquid or powder for laundry ), the periodicity (monthly or every other month), switch with other products and feel good knowing you are doing something good for the planet.



Home Care Refill Subscription

PriceFrom $29.99
Out of Stock
Price Options
One-time purchase
Subscribe and save!
$29.99every month until canceled
Every other month
Subscribe and save!
$29.99every 2 months until canceled
  • Commitment: Please note that by subscribing to the Refill Box, you agree to a 3-month/ 3-times commitment period, during which you cannot cancel your subscription. This is because we want to help you create a habit of refilling your home essentials and see the benefits for yourself and the planet, but don't worry, this subscription is customizable after the first delivery, or if it is not working for you, you can cancel free of charge after three deliveries.



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